Get Involved

Supporting one-by-one tuna is a unique opportunity to do the right thing for both society and the environment. From choosing a can of tuna in the shops, to developing a pole-and-line/handline fishery, there’s a lot you can do to improve lives, protect our oceans and ensure a sustainable supply of seafood.

So how can YOU get involved?!

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Buy one-by-one‚Äč caught tuna
    Use the power of your wallet and buy one-by-one caught tuna. Many of our Members produce, supply and sell sustainable tuna caught one-by-one, and if you’re not sure whether your local supermarket does, why not contact them via twitter using hashtags #onebyone #poleandline?
  • Become an IPNLF Member
    We work with our member organisations to develop one-by-one fisheries, promote one-by-one caught tuna and focus on specific projects in coastal communities around the globe. If you’re interested in finding out more about IPNLF membership, read our membership page or contact Martin Purves, Managing Director.
  • Donate to make a difference
    By donating you can support our work and help these sustainable fisheries to grow - ensuring that our precious marine environment is protected, whilst improving livelihoods for small coastal communities, and supporting the sustainability of a global food source.
  • Stay Connected
    Keep informed about the latest developments in one-by-one tuna by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and Linkedin and sign up to our Newsletter!

However you support one-by-one fishing, please feel free to contact us.