St Helena

St Helena

Catching tuna one at a time by pole-and-line © IPNLF

Situated in the southern tropics of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by a 400,000 km2 maritime zone rich with marine life, lies the remote island of St Helena. This island community of 4,500 inhabitants has a long tradition of one-by-one tuna fishing. In 2016, IPNLF partnered with the local fishers, the St Helena government and the St Helena Fisheries Corporation to establish the world’s first one-by-one only tuna fishing zone out to 200nm, shielding a vast ocean area from harmful fishing activities and providing valuable protection for the local community’s low-impact, socially responsible fishery.

This partnership will work to ensure polices are adopted and implemented that ban all destructive fishing gears; enhance management; and strengthen monitoring, control, and surveillance to prevent illegal fishing. The project will also establish best-practice traceability, enhance quality and strengthen data recording systems with the aim of brining a better return to the fishing community for their commitment to quality over quantity.  IPNLF aims to inspire like-minded governments and coastal communities with a model that rewards low-impact fishing communities duly committed to marine conservation. 

St Helena Tuna - The one-by-one philosophy

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