Policy & Advocacy

Using the collective IPNLF voice, we advocate for improved domestic and international management for sustainable tuna fisheries. We aim to protect against overfishing, reduce bycatch of vulnerable species, and improve governance by strategically engaging IPNLF Members in key national and multilateral negotiations.

IPNLF recognise that managing fisheries for highly migratory species such as tuna is a complex undertaking, and having measures adopted that safeguard coastal fisheries and associated communities, ecosystems and tuna stocks are vital to management. IPNLF work to advance this perspective at important tuna management meetings, particularly the tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations, and actively involve our Members in the decision making process. Advocacy activities include the development of position statements, encouraging Members to vocally support management improvements ahead of key meetings, and taking part in relevant scientific and commission meetings.

Key Activities

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