Demonstrate & Promote

IPNLF works with our Members to demonstrate the benefits of one-by-one fisheries. Our activities aim to prove and promote the value of pole-and-line/handline fishing to coastal environments and communities, and help gain commitments and support for such fisheries through the supply chain. 

This work contributes to advancing sustainable demand for one-by-one tuna.

International Coastal Tuna Business Forum, 2015. © IPNLF

Informed by science and our fishery project and policy expertise, IPNLF activities in this area include:

  • Outreach Events – to ensure our work reaches as many people as possible, we regularly champion one-by-one fisheries at international trade events and conferences, both presenting and hosting. Such events bring together key representatives throughout the one-by-one tuna fishery supply chain and facilitate networking opportunities and collaboration – essential to advance sustainable fisheries to their maximum potential.
  • Media Updates – we share knowledge with journalists and news channels globally so they are kept informed of the latest developments and undertakings by the one-by-one sector.
  • Online Sharing – our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) provide a platform for sharing information and inspiring engagement, bringing the stories of the faces and places behind one-by-one fisheries to the fore.

Collectively, such work helps increase awareness of, and support for, sustainable one-by-one tuna in key supply chains and markets. 

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