ACTEMSA - Leal Santos

ACTEMSA - Leal Santos

Member since 2016

Actemsa was founded in 1987 by the Escuris Villa family in Puebla del Caramiñal, Galicia, a region in the northwest of Spain. Initially Actemsa operated as an import-export trader of all kinds of fish and seafood. In 1996 Actemsa opened its first freezing and refrigerator plant which now reaches a total capacity of 25,000 metres cubed. In 1998 Actemsa began trading frozen and refrigerated tuna loins and in 2000 opened its first processing plant. Today Actemsa processes more than 40,000 tons tuna fish annually through its own and outsourced plants.

In 2006 Actemsa acquired the Brazilian firm Industrias Alimenticias Leal Santos Ltda, a company founded in Rio Grande-Rs in 1889, with long tradition in sustainable fisheries and canning industry. Leal Santos is one of the largest producers of tuna loins of Brazil, with a fleet of six oceanic pole-and-line fishing boats, fish-meal factory and own dock reaching a total area of 21,000 metres squared.

The Actemsa - Leal Santos Group is one of the leading tuna fish processing and marketing companies in Spain and employs more than 500 people.


Actemsa – Leal Santos’s membership of the International Pole & Line Foundation is a further commitment in our support for improved tuna management, and our desire to see dynamic measures adopted in these fisheries that safeguard stocks and the futures of fishing communities. As well as underpinning our historical engagement with these fisheries, we believe IPNLF Membership provides additional assurances to our customers and the marketplace that we are supplying fish that is both sustainably and ethically sourced.

Antonio Fernández (Deputy Director of Production)