Al Badr Seafoods Pvt.Ltd

Al Badr Seafoods Pvt.Ltd

Member since 2018

Al Badr Seafoods Pvt. Ltd is an international processing company located in Cochin, South India, that specialises in the canning of fish and fishery products in vegetable oil. It is the sister company of Al Badr international based in Tunisia, and when it was founded in 2005, it was the first canning factory of its kind in India.

Conveniently located next to Lakshadweep, home of a pole-and-line tuna fishery, Al Badr processes skipjack and yellowfin tuna, along with many other types of fish.

Each day, Al Badr produces around 160,000 cans of fish and fishery products. It owns an in-house lab where it does microbiological and histamine analysis for quality assurance. Al Badr exports to countries in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Asia.

The company is in the process of broadening its facility and extending its product line to the production of pre-cooked tuna loins and frozen fish. Through this expansion, Al Badr is expecting to produce 100 containers annually.

We proudly support the local and sustainable pole-and-line fishery of Lakshadweep as it’s important that the tuna fisheries we source from are low impact. As a company on the verge of expansion, we have partnered with IPNLF to help grow our network and ultimately increase the benefits that the pole-and-line fishery brings.

Dr.Yousef Alkouni Alghdr (Managing Director)