American Tuna

American Tuna

Member since 2014

American Tuna was formed in 2005 by six American pole-and-line fishing families in San Diego, California, with a mission of providing high-quality, pole-and-line caught canned albacore tuna that customers can buy directly from the source. The company uses traditional harvest and packing methods to offer the highest quality, all-natural tuna on the market, and has championed the development of pole-and-line fisheries and integrity in labeling by providing 100% traceability of every can. 

All American Tuna albacore is caught by pole-and-line and is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, sourced from the MSC Certified US pole-and-line albacore fishery and the MSC Certified Maldivian pole-and-line skipjack fishery. American Tuna was the first MSC labeled can in the US. 

American Tuna started in just two San Diego Whole Foods stores, and has since expanded into every Whole Foods across the US, plus organic markets, restaurants, delis and catering companies. Its tuna is sold tuna under the American Tuna brand and through two Whole Foods exclusive lines: Pole & Line and Deck Hand Premium Cat Food.

A core principle behind its products is the right of customers to know the source of the food they eat. American Tuna guarantees full traceability of all of its products. All of its albacore products are traceable to the exact captain and vessel that harvested the tuna, while all other products are traceable to the specific catch.

American Tuna is a highly-active member of the American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA), a non-profit representing commercial pole-and-line vessels. AAFA seeks to ensure responsible fishery management practices and the participation of vital fishing communities. It supports education regarding responsible fishing methods and promotes the health benefits of tuna consumption along with environmental benefits of sustainable fishery practices. AAFA strives to ensure the economic viability of pole-and-line fisheries now and into the future.

American Tuna partners with local fishing communities in the Maldives. Many coastal communities around the world rely heavily on fishing for their livelihood. Most of these fisheries, for example in the small island states in the Asian-Pacific region, are small scale and struggling for survival.