Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMSF)

Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMSF)

Member since 2015

The Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMFS) represents the marketing interests of ~200 (Marine Stewardship Certified) Canadian Albacore Tuna vessels who actively fish, as well as its 18 active Buyers/Processors, and Value-Added members.

The Mission of the CHMSF is to provide an independent avenue to identify, fund, carry out, and disseminate information regarding scientific exploration and evaluation pertaining to the conservation, sustainability, and marketing related to Canadian Albacore Tuna and other highly migratory species.

Since its inception in 2002 (#408435-7-R) as a federally registered Not-For-Profit Foundation, the Directors and Member of the Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation have worked toward achieving recognition of Canadian Albacore Tuna as a premium sustainable non-commodity Canadian seafood product. For the past 10 years the CHMSF has been undertaking research, developing fishing, handling, and Quality Assurance protocols, documenting all aspects of the fishery profile to prepare a solid and updated factual and practical base to launch its International Marketing Strategy, which began in 2010. 

Through the efforts of the Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMSF), and its supporting Members, and Directors, Canadian albacore tuna, is becoming recognized as more than a default sandwich lunch product. Ongoing industry efforts have resulted in the production and development of the highest quality “Sashimi” quality tuna loins, European and hot smoked appetizer products, as well as gourmet quality custom processed solid white Canadian albacore canned tuna.