Cofradia De Pescadores Nuestra Señora De Los Reyes

Cofradia De Pescadores Nuestra Señora De Los Reyes

Member since 2018

Cofradia De Pescadores Nuestra Señora De Los Reyes is an administrative body that supports and represents the interests of the one-by-one tuna fishers of El Hierro, Canary Islands. It works in tandem with PESCARESTINGA to support the fishery, fulfilling key roles such as managing vessels and fishery documentation as well as advocating for the fishery’s interests at various government levels.

The El Hierro one-by-one tuna fishery comprises fourteen vessels including two 12-metre boats that account for approximately 80% of the catch. Landings are dominated by skipjack, but yellowfin are also targeted when they migrate through seasonal warm waters. The pole-and-line tuna fishery provides invaluable support to the island’s coastal communities in terms of nutrition and livelihoods. The fishers were also a driving force in the creation of a 750-ha marine reserve (which is part of a biosphere reserve that also includes a terrestrial ecosystems) that was established in 2000.

Our Cofradia is dedicated to defending one-by-one caught tuna. Joining IPNLF was an obvious decision to make because the organisation is a big ally of these responsible and sustainable fisheries. It is important to know that as fishers of tuna by traditional pole-and-line, El Hierro has this international support and to know that we’re in this together.

Fernando Gutiérrez (President)