Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta

Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta

Member since 2017

The Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta is a fisheries association based in Manta, Ecuador. Since 2011, the organisation has worked to support the local, responsible pole-and-line tuna fishery, in order to preserve an ancestral fishing technique that protects tuna resources whilst generating a greater source of employment. The fishery dates back to the 1940’s, but after the industrialisation of tuna fleets during the 1970’s onwards, fewer numbers of pole-and-line vessels were left in operation. Today, the fishery maintains five pole-and-line vessels, employing 66 fishers.

To preserve and protect this fishery, Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta works to raise awareness of the benefits of the one-by-one tuna fishery which secures both the future of the resource and the livelihoods of the fishers.

Through global fishery news, we learnt of the work IPNLF do to support and develop pole-and-line tuna fisheries in coastal countries. Together with the Ecuadorian government, we hope to strengthen and grow as a fleet, and be sustainable fishery pioneers on South America’s Pacific coast.

Jose Augusto Lopez Zambrano (Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta President)