Dhivehi Masverin

Dhivehi Masverin

Member since 2018

Dhivehi Masverin (Maldives Fishermen) was formed in February 2018 as a non-government organisation in the Maldives. The Associations aims to promote pole-and-line fishing together with all the related activities of fishing in the Maldives. The Association intends to create awareness in the community and encourage youths to be a part of the sustainable pole-and-line fishing industry. Dhivehi Masverin also works to update and educate fishermen on the latest technology being used in the fishing industry and provides pole-and-line fishing updates on a daily basis through the official facebook page; Dhivehi Masverin.

The Association adheres to all laws, regulations and best practices used in the pole-and-line fishing industry and assists all the government and non-government stakeholders in the fishing community.

Dhivehi Masverin is committed to promoting sustainable fishing methods to the fishing community and encourages fishermen to exercise environment friendly pole-and-line fishing in the Maldives.

Since 2015, we have been promoting pole-and-line fishing in the Maldives through our social media pages. We intend to provide live updates on the fishery, increase awareness of fishery and to encourage youths to be a part of the industry that supports the livelihoods of thousands of citizens. We also try to instil fun and entertainment into the industry. We are very delighted to be part of the International Pole & Line Foundation network and we look forward to promoting one-by-one tuna fisheries together.

Ahmed Shafiu (Founding Member of Dhivehi Masverin)