Member since 2015

The EDEKA Group characterised by its SMEs, organised in the form of a co-operative and backed by its approx. 4,000 self-employed EDEKA merchants, with some 11,400 stores and a workforce of 347,000 employees, is one of Germany’s leading grocery retailers.

To the EDEKA Group, sustainability in terms of responsible action is an integral element of the corporate culture and continues to be extended and intensified at all levels. The objective is to spare Earth’s natural resources, to substantially reduce the ecological footprint of EDEKA step-by-step and to encourage more and more customers to purchase products from more sustainable sources along with more responsible consumption patterns.

Accordingly, since 2009, EDEKA has consistently based its fish procurement policy on sustainability criteria, relying on sustainable fishing and supporting the protection of the seas and fish stocks. In particular, the focus has always been on tuna fishing. EDEKA has engaged in dialogue with suppliers in order to promote a sustainable orientation of tuna fisheries, and supports various marine protection projects for sustainable fishing for tuna. By joining the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), EDEKA takes a step further to offer only sustainable tuna in its private label range.

EDEKA's IPNLF membership represents a further step within the context of EDEKA's commitment towards the protection of the oceans and fish stocks as well as the promotion of responsible tuna fishing. That is because pole and line fishing is one of the most sustainable fishing methods. 

Rolf Lange (Head of Corporate Communications EDEKA AG)