Federação das Pescas dos Açores

Federação das Pescas dos Açores

Member since 2017

The Federação das Pescas dos Açores (FPA) was founded in 2005 to defend and represent the fishing associations of the nine islands of the Azores. The FPA advocates for the interests of the fisheries in the Azores, Portugal, and beyond to safeguard the social, environmental and economic activity, and to defend the dignified quality of life of all fishermen who wish to sustain their livelihoods.

FPA achieves this by through participation in fisheries meetings and by addressing the problems and needs of the fisheries through technical and specialised studies. Additionally, the FPA represents the fisheries of the Azores in the European Commission in Brussels

The FPA collaborates on activities for the responsible management of fisheries and supports fishing communities, awareness raising, education and training, and direct aid to fishing enterprises.

We are delighted to partner with IPNLF to further amplify the voice of the tuna fisheries that we represent at local, national and regional meetings. The FPA believes that by working together with the fishing community and partners like IPNLF we can create mechanisms that will have long-lasting, positive impacts on resource management and support fishing communities.

Gualberto Costa Rita (President)