Fish Tales

Fish Tales

Member since 2014

Fish Tales is a Netherlands-based company that offers fish caught sustainably in long-term collaborations with fisheries.

Fish Tales believes that the only way to really enjoy good fish is if the fish has been caught by people that care about their catch and the sea they took it from. Such fishermen treat the oceans with great respect and consider the sea as a source of life. Fish Tales goes beyond the lines and nets. Fish Tales tells the stories of these men, women, villages and oceans that are behind the fish we eat and is dedicated to their ultimate long-term survival.

Therefore Fish Tales offers complete transparency and connects its customers directly with its fisheries. It is worldwide the only brand that commits itself to an intensive and long-term collaboration with its fishermen – "We know them personally and they know us". Fish Tales offers beautiful fish from the best fisheries, because the most tasteful fish comes directly from the source.

This sustainable caught fish is of course the perfect start for a delicious meal.

Bart van Olphen

I am truly excited about working together with the beautiful tuna fishing communities involved with the IPNLF. We are very proud to bring their stories to our consumers and to show the audience THE example of how to fish towards a healthy future for our oceans.

Bart van Olphen (Founder)