Fish4Ever is a UK sustainable canned fish brand with a small boat bias and a land, sea, people approach, supplying tuna to retailers throughout the UK.

Member since 2013

Fish4Ever was founded in 2001 and was the world’s first sustainable canned fish action brand. It has pioneered a wide-range of ethical sourcing policies including full traceability from catch-to-can, using methods which avoid by-catch, juveniles, discard, and long-distance boats that could be implicated in illegal fishing. Fish4Ever sources tuna fished by traditional pole-and-line fishermen, from the coasts of West Africa and the Azores. It uses small day boats that land fish fresh and wherever possible, it is canned locally. Its sustainable ethos continues beyond the harbour by supporting local canneries, and only using 100% organic land ingredients.

I care passionately about the fishing communities that are fishing carefully and should be protected. An ethical approach is not just about where and how we fish – it is also about who fishes. Pole-and-line is win win win – a win for the environment, a win for the fishermen and their communities and a win for the customer who gets a far better product to eat.

Charles Redfern (Founder of Fish4Ever)