Frinsa del Noroeste, S.A.

Frinsa del Noroeste, S.A.

Member since 2014

Frinsa is one of Europe’s leading canned fish and seafood companies and the world’s eighth largest buyer of tuna. The company cans the best from the sea in accordance with responsible and sustainable evironmental criteria. Quality, sustainability of marine resources and respect for the environment are certified by major international independent bodies.

They also actively work alongside enivironmental protection organizations, scientific institutes and independent foundations in order to encourage the rational exploitation of marine resources and to preserve biodiversity, with principles ranging from traceability and transparency, raising customers’ ecological awareness and the active fight against all forms of illegal fishing.

Frinsa was founded in 1961 in the city of Ribeira in Galicia, northwest Spain. Their Galician factory here is among the most efficient fish and seafood processing plants in the world. They manufacture our own brands ‘Frinsa (Gourmet)’ and ‘Ribeira’ as well as customer branded products for the major European food retailers.

The global demand for pole-and-line tuna continues to grow at an extremely rapid rate. Therefore, it is essential we do all we can to raise awareness throughout the sector and at every stage of the supply chain of the need to act responsibly. IPNLF will be a key ally to achieving this aim. 

José Aller (Head of Sustainability)