Islatuna (Organización de Productores de Túnidos y Pesca Fresca de la Isla de Tenerife) is an organisation of tuna and fresh fish producers on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The organisation was established on November 4, 2004 by 20 vessel owners, in order to bring better returns to the local fishers, increase the market competitiveness of fishery products, provide a voice for the fishers at international policy meetings and to open the door to Poseican Pesca funding - a program set up by the European Commission to support fisheries in the outermost regions.

Since its establishment, the number of partners has continued to grow and today there are 77 members, with a total of 81 vessels. The vessel sizes very in size, with three larger than 20 meters, 22 between 12 and 20 meters, and a total of 56 less than 12 meters. The majority are artisanal pole-and-line vessels, as well as two longline vessels. Currently there are 33 people working at Islatuna. The organisation is committed to guaranteeing the highest quality products while offering maximum care to the environment by supporting artisanal, responsible fisheries. 

The reason why we have joined IPNLF is because our ideology is the same, we have the same interests, i.e. to defend the artisanal fishing of tuna caught one by one, as it has always been done in the Canary Islands for more than 100 years. We believe that the union of fishermen will have a direct benefit in achieving IPNLF’s objectives.

Macu da Silva (Islatuna)