JALA Seafood

JALA Seafood

JALA fishery products come from the pristine, untouched waters of Indonesia’s Talaud island in Sulawesi. Their fishery works to achieve the highest standards in international best practices to manage the quality of the catch and support the livelihoods of artisanal fishing communities. Their traditional fishing methods, have the lowest impact on the environment, and is thus very sustainable.

At JALA, we are dedicated to sourcing only high-quality fish for your palate that, in turn, return greater value to the fishing communities. To achieve this promise, we provide ongoing coaching to our fishermen on how to improve the handling process, and equipment. We then facilitate the access that they need to premium markets - such as Australia - so the fishing communities can directly benefit from their high-quality products and strive after their highest potential.

With the embracement of its harmonious communities in connection to breath-taking nature, the people of Indonesia have a deep appreciation for preserving their unique traditions and heritage. One of these practices is artisanal fishing craft over generations in the numerous coastal fisheries of Talaud.

By meticulously following traditional methods of catch in small boats that are known as Pakura, we deliver premium quality products that stay true to tradition and ensure that fish continue to thrive in marine habitats. These boats exemplify the very traditions that Talaud cherishes: they carry only one to two fishermen per vessel who would be back on land within a day to their home & families — symbolizing how close-knit the people of Talaud live.

We were touched by the realization of how these fishing traditions have become an essential source of income for the people of Talaud and the degree to which it enhances the cultural traditions of these local coastal communities. At the same time, it was heartbreaking for us to see all these beautiful glistening fish being sold at the market with no proper management methods — there was no access to ice or cold storage and what was not sold on the day would end up as waste as no access to other markets. Getting the chance to hear out the stories of these fishermen opened our hearts — so we made a vow to help them.

Anthony & Aninda