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Established in 1958, Jealsa is one of the largest seafood canning companies in Europe. With its central headquarters in Boiro (La Coruña, Spain), Jealsa integrates 26 companies, grouped in the four areas of activity of food, fishing and services, energy, and environment.

The group’s canned seafood brands include Rianxeira, Escurís, MareAperto, and Robinson Crusoe. Additionally, it supplies products for retailer Mercadona under the brand Hacendado. It also operates tuna vessels in the Atlantic.

Jealsa sources tuna caught with multiple gear types from around the world. For its pole-and-line products, the Atlantic Ocean is the main origin, but it also procures pole-and-line tuna from the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its main species is skipjack, followed by albacore.

Its concern for the conservation of resources and its support for a sustainable industry, has led it to; establish guidelines for the purchase of raw materials that guarantee they come only from responsible fishing practices, give support to all actions aimed at the conservation of the marine resources and fight against IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing activities. Through its commitment to the sustainability of resources, Jealsa has backed the creation of a circular economy industry inside the group, which value the by-products that it generates.

At Jealsa, we are committed to long-term sustainability, not only of fishing but also of fishing communities. Alliances with partners such as IPNLF are essential to us because together we can work to improve management of the fisheries.”

√Āngeles Claro (Director of Sustainability, Jealsa)