Kochi Sustainable Skipjack Association (KSSA)

Kochi Sustainable Skipjack Association (KSSA)

Member since 2019

The Kochi Sustainable Skipjack Association (KSSA) was established in 2017 to support and develop the Kochi prefecture’s skipjack tuna traditions and the local pole-and-line fishery. It has four main areas of work: promotion of the fishery and the skipjack resource; consumer consumption and fishery sustainability; scientific studies on Pacific Ocean skipjack and their migratory patterns; and the essential role of Kochi’s skipjack tuna in food culture.

Living on the Pacific coast, the people of Kochi have a natural respect for the ocean and for all of the wonderful seafood that it has provided for countless generations. The people here particularly love skipjack tuna, or ‘Katsuo’ as it’s known in Japan. Indeed, this fish has always had the most iconic place in our local food culture. Unfortunately, while Pacific Ocean catches have increased steadily since 2000, our fishers have seen their landings decline over recent years. This makes supporting our traditional pole-and-line fishery more important than ever. By joining IPNLF and working alongside its other Members, we believe we can give this fishery a much stronger public voice.

Hiroyuki Ukeda (Vice President of KSSA)