Large Pelagic SMME Association

Large Pelagic SMME Association

Member since 2017

The Large Pelagic SMME Association is a recognised industry body in South Africa which represents the major players within the tuna pole-and-line industry from vessel owners, operators, processors, exporters and marketers alike, all of which are small-to-medium enterprises.

The Association assists its members with all aspects of the industry, and unites them to address pertinent industry issues. The Association's focus is mainly on, but not limited to, the representation of the pole-and-line industry at all Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Working Group Meetings, as well as South African Maritime Authority industry meetings.

The Large Pelagic SMME Association is committed to fishing for the future by practicing sustainable fishing methods whilst exercising the utmost care for the environment at all times.

Sustainability is at the centre of South Africa’s tuna pole-and-line industry with all of our members long recognising the importance of adhering to sustainable fishing practices that also ensure the marine environment recieves the utmost care and protection. Becoming a Member of IPNLF and supporting its work underlines our wish to see all one-by-one tuna fisheries and the communities connected to them given sufficient backing to safeguard their future.

Edward Pickup (Secretary, Large Pelagic SMME Association)