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Marks & Spencer

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Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a leading UK retailer of food, clothing and homeware. With an annual turnover of £10.3 billion, M&S sells to 33 million customers each week, accounting for over 13% of the market share in fish sales.

M&S has had a sustainable fishing policy in place for over 16 years. Since 2007, this has been embedded in its ‘Plan A’ sustainability strategy within the pillar focused on ‘Sustainable Raw Materials’.

One of M&S’s core business values is Integrity. As a result, the business strives to do the right thing; to deliver the high standards expected by its customers and stakeholders; to reinforce their trust that it works ethically, sources responsibly and respects and protects natural resources; and to reduce its environmental footprint and increase its positive social impact.

That is why the M&S Seafood Sourcing Policy covers every single piece of fish on its shelves – whether farmed or wild, fresh or frozen, in a can, a sandwich or a ready meal – so that M&S customers can be absolutely assured that the fish has been sourced with integrity.

Its commitment to sustainable seafood was proven by switching all tuna – in cans, ready meals, salads and sandwiches – to 100% pole-and-line caught.  The company cited the bycatch of endangered sharks and other species that arise from purse seine fishing as a driver for this decision.