Ocean Brands

Ocean Brands

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Ocean Brands is a food company that aims to bring the best and most innovative foods from around the world to Canadian consumers.

The company has two main seafood brands, one of which is Ocean’s, known for its leadership in product innovation, quality management and sustainability. The brand recently introduced a range of pole-and line-tuna products, supported by a national advertising programme and the use of social media to help consumers understand the benefits. Ocean’s has the largest selection of pole-and-line tuna in Canada.


Canadian retailers have reacted very favourably to their pole-and-line introduction, supported by a national advertising program, social media, and their website to educate their consumers. 

Canadian consumers are becoming more interested about where their food comes from and who their purchasing choices impact. Pole-and-line tuna stands up to such scrutiny better than most seafood products and Canadian retailers have reacted very favourably to our pole-and-line introduction. We're keen to work with IPNLF to secure the long-term future of these fishing communities and their products.

David Johnston (Executive Vice President)