Oregon Albacore Commission

Oregon Albacore Commission

Member since 2019


The Oregon Albacore Commission is an industry-funded state commodity commission under the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The Commission was established in 1999 at the request of the industry and has a board of five harvesters, three buyers, and one public member. 

The mission of the Oregon Albacore Commission is to serve the commercial albacore troll fishing industry by supporting and engaging in activities and research programmes that benefit the production, harvesting, handling, processing, marketing, and use of Oregon albacore and to increase opportunities for profitability through promotion, education, research, communication, and commenting on legislation and regulations in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the Commission.

The Oregon fleet is made up of independent family fishermen who have chosen albacore fishing as a lifestyle. Members of this fishing community feel personally accountable for the wholesomeness of the fish, the long-term sustainability of the fishery, and the health of the oceans. Oregon fishermen deliver the very best albacore, whether fresh, frozen at sea, or micro-canned.