Member since 2018

Sociedad Cooperativa del Mar Pesca Restinga (PESCARESTINGA) is a fishers’ cooperative, supporting and representing the interests of the one-by-one tuna fishers of El Hierro, Canary Islands. It was formed in 1996 and works in tandem with Cofradia De Pescadores Nuestra Señora De Los Reyes to support the fishery, handling the commercialisation of the local fishermen’s catch.

The El Hierro one-by-one tuna fishery comprises fourteen vessels including two 12-metre boats that account for approximately 80% of the catch. Landings are dominated by skipjack, but yellowfin are also targeted when they migrate through seasonal warm waters. The pole-and-line tuna fishery provides invaluable support to the island’s coastal communities in terms of nutrition and livelihoods. The fishers were also a driving force in the creation of a 750-ha marine reserve (which is part of a biosphere reserve that also includes a terrestrial ecosystems) that was established in 2000.

It is a pleasure to be part of IPNLF’s community, which defends, promotes and acts to achieve respectful, healthy and sustainable fisheries management from both ecosystem and socio-economic perspectives. We are very happy to know there are people who understand our world, and we also believe that combining knowledge and efforts is the best way to transform the rest of the world and achieve a more sensible reality.

David Pavón (pole-and-line tuna fisher and Chairman/President)