Sea Delight Group

Sea Delight Group

Sea Delight Group is a family owned and operated set of companies with presence in the North America and Europe. Sea Delight USA was founded in 2006, as an initiative that sought to target the market for high quality treated frozen seafood products, followed by Sea Delight Canada founded in 2009 and Sea Delight Europe in 2012. Sea Delight is headquartered in Coral Springs with their warehouse and production facility in the Doral area of Miami, FL. Sea Delight Canada and Sea Delight Europe operate out of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain.

Sea Delight has strong working relationships and partnerships with international NGOs and works with its suppliers to help them partner with these and other groups and to be part of the web-based traceability programme Trace Register. It supports a number of tuna fishery improvement projects (FIPs) globally, including the one-by-one tuna FIP in Indonesia and the handline and longline FIP in Vietnam.

Having IPNLF Membership underlines Sea Delight’s commitment to safeguarding the world’s one-by-one tuna fisheries. One of our long-term sustainability aims is to ensure that these traditional fisheries, along with the fishers and communities connected to them, receive the support necessary to safeguard their futures for many generations to come.

Stephen Fisher (Sustainability Director at Sea Delight)