Societé d’Exploitation des Ressources Thonières

Societé d’Exploitation des Ressources Thonières

Member since 2017

The Society for the Exploitation of Tuna Resources [Societé d’Exploitation des Ressources Thonières (SERT)] is the first Senegalese tuna fishing fleet to practise pole and line fishing. 

This selective method of fishing respects the environment and has helped raise the profile of the Senegalese tuna fishing sector thanks to the quality of such products that are now exported globally. Senegal is a strong fishing nation and pole and line tuna fishing supports the social and economic life of a number of Senegalese fishermen. SERT has always collaborated with numerous Senegalese and international research institutes in order to ensure a sustainable exploitation of the resource.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with IPNLF, which is the best way of preserving and ensuring the sustainable exploitation of tuna resources. Those of us who depend on this resource are honoured to be working with IPNLF"

Ibra Ndao (Manager Qualit)