South African Tuna Association

South African Tuna Association

Member since 2017

The South African Tuna Association (SATA) was formed as a non-profit organisation in 1985 by a group of pole-and-line tuna vessel owners. It is one of the oldest and longest standing South African registered industrial bodies, in terms of the Marine Living Resources Act. Today, the Association represents some 75 local pole-and-line vessel owners and operators. 

SATA is committed to, and advocates for sustainable practices, particularly regarding South Atlantic albacore tuna, the fisheries traditional target species. The Association continues to play an active role in the management of tuna fisheries, both locally and abroad, to enhance the benefits of responsible fishing for South African fisheries.

We are confident that our newfound partnership with IPNLF will strengthen our involvement in fishery management decision making and play a pivotal role in assisting the South African Tuna Association to break even more ground and bring real economic benefit back to the fishery and the fishers.

Clyde Bodenham (Chairman, SATA)