St Helena Fisheries Corporation

St Helena Fisheries Corporation

Member since 2015

St Helena Fisheries Corporation (SHFC) is a non-governmental organisation, which was established in 1979 under the St Helena Fisheries Corporation Ordinance, for the purpose of supporting the sustainable development of the island’s fisheries.

The Corporation works alongside the Fishermen’s Association and other local stakeholders, including the Agricultural and Natural Resources Division of the St Helena Government, to develop the local fishing industry.

Alongside this developmental role, the corporation is responsible for the purchase, processing and/or storage of all fish caught, including the marketing of fish products both locally and overseas; regulating of prices within the industry; facilitating commercial activities; assisting the fishing community in accessing finance; and providing practical support services including the supply of chandlery, fuel, ice and bait.

The Fisheries Corporation is continually looking at ways to maximise the value of our fish resources, whilst reducing the impact that the industry has on the islands’ marine environment. Becoming a Member of IPNLF strengthens our commitment to developing a sustainable tuna fishery, and provides us with increased exposure to markets demanding that tuna is caught in a sustainable and equitable manner.

Terry Richards (General Manager of SHFC)