Subway® is an international restaurant franchise that primarily sells sandwiches and salads. The restaurant was founded in 1965 in Connecticut USA, and has since grown into a multi-billion pound industry with 44,589 outlets in 11 countries.

The SUBWAY® brand recognises the vital importance of sustainable fishing - both commercially and ecologically. Their long-term goal is to work with the industry to move to more sustainable practices worldwide. Subway® are working with our vendors and suppliers to source the seafood they serve in our restaurants as sustainably as possible today and into the future.

Tuna is the only seafood sandwich that is on the SUBWAY® restaurants’ menu worldwide – and Subway® only sell skipjack tuna, sourced from fisheries with non-threatened stock levels. Subway® are concerned about the levels of by-catch (the catch of unintended and even endangered species) associated with purse seine nets and will continue to support efforts to reduce or eliminate it, including through supporting and sourcing from pole-and-line fisheries.

Subway® support the work of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and will source only from MSC (or equivalent) certified sources in the longer term. In their ongoing efforts to source sustainably, Subway® are working with the MSC, and others, to develop a commercially feasible transition plan to more sustainable tuna.

The SUBWAY® brand will continue to work with suppliers and organisations such as the MSC, the Blue Ocean Institute, the International Pole & Line Foundation, and Monterey Bay Seafood Watch to continually improve the sustainable sourcing of their seafood.