The Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA)

The Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA)

Member since 2015

The Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA) is a non-profit association representing albacore troll-vessel owners and supporting businesses mainly in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. It also maintains a limited membership of vessels in New Zealand, and British Columbia, Canada. These family-owned boats fish for wild Pacific albacore from June through October, and in the South Pacific from January through April.

Artisanal hook-and-line vessels fished by members of the same families over several generations form the core of the Western  Fishboat Owners Association. Locally available west coast albacore is a fish repeatedly recognised by the FDA as nutritionally beneficial. WFOA shares with American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for troll-and-pole caught albacore in the North and South Pacific. It is also on the Monterey Bay's Aquarium "Green List" of sustainabilty and good fishing practices.

The recognised sustainability of Pacific albacore fisheries is important for its member-operators, who annually harvest only a small fraction – 15 to 20% — of the entire North Pacific catch.