Costa Rica based brand Tonnino has been supplying US consumers with gourmet tuna in jars since 2007, with their ethos being to satisfy the conscience as well as the palate. Caught with rigorously selected vessels, consumers can trace each jar back to its origin online. Tonnino’s membership of IPNLF is another major milestone in its promise to supply high-quality tuna products while also providing crucial support for environmentally and socially responsible one-by-one tuna fisheries.

The company has also developed a pole-and-line range exclusively for Whole Foods Market Inc., which will begin appearing in Whole Foods stores from January 2018. Parent company Alimentos Prosalud was founded in 1973. With social responsibility as one of Alimentos Prosalud’s core values, their actions are aimed at contributing to the social, environmental and education field of their collaborators and the community.

“We are inspired by IPNLF’s work to develop and support one-by-one tuna fisheries and are pleased to join its network of sustainably-minded organisations, working to improve the supply of responsible sourced tuna for the benefit of the oceans and the communities that depend upon its resources.”

Antonio Esquivel (Country Manager, Tonnino)