Tuna Management Association of New Zealand (TMA)

Tuna Management Association of New Zealand (TMA)

Member since 2017

The Tuna Management Association of New Zealand (TMA) is a non-profit association, which provides administrative and management support to the albacore troll fishery that operates off the western coasts of the North and South Islands of New Zealand, in the South Pacific Ocean.

Founded in 2001, TMA supports a fleet of owner-operated domestic vessels by providing up-to-date information on fishery management issues and by ensuring that the fleet remains aware of and compliant with Maritime New Zealand’s seafarer certification and safety management system requirements.

TMA has also been the driving force behind the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the albacore troll fishery, which was first MSC certified in 2011 and was recertified in 2017.

“For over 16 years, we have proudly supported the albacore troll tuna fishers of New Zealand, championing their sustainability credentials and assisting them in achieving and maintaining MSC certification. We look forward to working with IPNLF and its Member network to ensure that one-by-one tuna fisheries get the recognition they deserve.” 

Doug Saunders-Loder (President of the Tuna Management Association)