Member since 2019

VinaTuna is the national tuna fisheries organisation of Vietnam, based in Nha Trang city, South Central Vietnam. It was established in 2010 to oversee the protection, responsible exploitation, processing and consumption of the country’s tuna fisheries products. Membership of VinaTuna is voluntary, with core objectives including enhancing the cooperation of its membership to maximise opportunities from funding, technology, legal rights, marketing and fishing activities. It also guides and monitors its members’ compliance with national legal and policy frameworks.

Together with our members and other stakeholders, this organisation wants to build a positive future for Vietnam’s one-by-one sector and the many coastal communities that it supports. We are determined to strengthen these fisheries while also raising the profile of our country’s sustainable one-by-one tuna in international markets. Joining IPNLF’s Member network and working with it to achieve these goals is a significant move in the right direction, and we believe it will help generate additional value at many levels.

Mr Vu Dinh Dap (Chairman of VinaTuna)